14 Gifts for Your Travelling Valentine

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (11 more days, oh my!) which means it’s time to shower those you love with, well, more love.  Last year, I happened to be away from home at this time, celebrating Valentine’s Day over FaceTime with Mike.  He handled it very well and gave me the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to support my choice to travel, even if it meant spending the day apart.  If you and/or your valentine happen to be of the nomadic variety, here are a few (14 to be exact) suggestions for tokens of your affection:

  1. Vintage Postcards to stay in touch with while you’re apart. Bonus points if you include stamps! ($7 for the set)

    Vintage Postcards from Amazon
    Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com
  2. FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera to add some whimsy to the no doubt endless amounts of photos they’ll be taking. ($70.00)
    FujiFilm Instax Mini
  3. A Pretty Notebook to journal their adventures. ($19)

    Travel Journal from Anthropologie
    Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie.com
  4. Scratch Off Map to chronicle the places you’ve been together, plus some fun home décor. ($36)

    Scratch Off Map from Uncommon Goods
    Photo Courtesy of UncommonGoods.com
  5. A Toiletry Bag to help them carry the essentials. ($38)

    Let's Makeup Cosmetic Bag from Flight 001
    Photo Courtesy of Flight001.com
  6. A Book to keep them company on a long flight without you. ($10)
  7. A Rollerball Version of Their Preferred Perfume to help them carry-on only with their favorite scent. ($20)
    Clean Brand Rollerball Perfume
  8. An iPad Travel Case to help them travel with information and style at their fingertips. ($13)

    iPad Case from Amazon
    Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com
  9. Luggage Tag to save time at baggage claim. ($10)

    Flight 001 Luggage Tag
    Photo Courtesy of Flight001.com
  10. Shadow Box Frame to hold their plane tickets, train passes and polaroids. ($35)

    Travel Shadow Box
    Photo Courtesy of HipLittleSquares on Etsy.com
  11. Cozy Socks to keep them comfy and warm on their travels. ($10)

    Stance Socks
    Photo Courtesy of Stance.com
  12. A Beautiful Scarf to liven up their outfits and keep them cozy on their flights. ($65)

    A Cozy Scarf from Aritzia
    Photo Courtesy of Aritzia.com
  13. Solid Headphones to fill their head with music and drown out annoying passengers. Bonus points if you include a playlist. ($180)

    Bose SoundTrue Headphones.jpg
    Photo Courtesy of Amazon.Com
  14. A Globe to help them map out their next adventure. ($129)
    Cork Globe from UncommonGoods.con
    Photo Courtesy of UncommonGoods.com

    Now that you have my best recommendations, go forth and make your better halves’ wandering hearts soar.  Bonus points if you can sneak it into their luggage before they leave (unless it’s a bottle of wine in their carry-on).  If you’re out a significant other, buy yourself all of these trinkets because, damn it, you deserve it.  Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

    What’s the best travel-related gift you’ve received?  How or where do you plan on spending your Valentine’s Day?

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