Here We Go

My name is Rebecca, and I am travel enthusiast working my way through the hospitality industry.  Seeing people from all walks of life strut through my hotel lobby with weary, travel worn smiles has re-sparked a deep lust for adventure in me.  I’ve always loved to travel, but envy is a mighty kick in the ass to get you moving towards the things you want.  My infatuation with travel started at a very young age.  The first trip I can remember taking was a family road trip to South Carolina to visit my Grandpa.  The trip comes back to me in bits and flashes and always in that orangey glow of an old photograph.  Throughout my childhood my parents schlepped my sister and I across the country on family vacations each summer.  From National Parks to Hawaiian Beaches and much more, they nurtured my love for travel into the monster it currently is.  Now I fund my own adventures whenever I can take them, which is about three times a year.  I wanted to start to record my travels more, so here we go.

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