Top Five Friday #12

Top 5 Tips for Getting a Hotel Upgrade

It’s always a nice bonus to get a room upgrade when you’re on vacation; like the cherry on top of an already perfect sundae.  Though they don’t typically come easily, there are some tried and true ways to secure an upgrade.  Whether attempted during the reservation process or during check in, these five tips can help you improve your accommodations:

  1. Just ask: When you check in, simply ask the Front Desk if there are any room upgrades available. Don’t be forceful or demanding, keep it light and friendly.  The key is to be casual and conversational.  If it’s a slower day, they may have plenty of upgrades available.  If it’s a no go, say “thank you for checking” and move on with the check-in.
    Top 5 Tips for Getting a Hotel Upgrade
  2. Be nice: This goes hand in hand with tip #1. As a rule, it’s always, always better to be nice to any customer service professional.  If you’ve worked in customer service, you know how many jerks these lovely people have to deal with each day.  Don’t be one of them.  You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, right? Being kind and appreciative goes a long way.
  3. Mention that you’re celebrating: If you actually are celebrating something, let the staff know! If you’re not celebrating any real occasion, make one up.  Sure, it’s a little white lie, but it’s bound to get you at least a complimentary bottle of wine sent to your room.  It works even better if you let the reservation agent know your celebrating a birthday, anniversary, whatever when you’re making your room reservation.  The upgrade could be set up before you even arrive.
    Top 5 Tips for Getting a Hotel Upgrade
  4. Book your reservation through the hotel: I am not trying to knock online booking systems like Orbitz or Expedia, I use them and love them. That being said, if you choose to book through the hotel directly, you have a better chance of being upgraded because you’re paying their rack rates.  If the hotel has rooms to upgrade, guests that are paying the hotel’s rates (as opposed to the cheaper rates offered on those websites) are more likely to be upgraded.
  5. Offer to Pay for It: If all else fails, offer to pay for an upgrade. While you are spending a little extra, you will almost certainly not be paying the rack rate for the upgraded room.  Coming by the upgrade honestly isn’t the worst way to go, and spending more might mean more amenities in the long run.

What about you? Do you have any go-to tips to secure a room upgrade?

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