Trip Planning: Copenhagen

Thanks to IcelandAir, I am lucky enough to get a two-for-one European vacation in a few weeks.  The first leg of my trip will be spent in beautiful Reykjavik, Iceland (read more about that here), and my second stop will be in Copenhagen Denmark.  I will be staying in the land of the Danes for five days and four nights.  I haven’t been to Europe since I studied abroad in London six (I can’t event believe it’s been that long) years ago, and I could not be happier to be visiting again.  I chose Copenhagen, because of its colorful architecture, canals and charm, plus a very convincing article I read in Afar Magazine.  Because it’s a kind of a pricey city, I’m trying to find as many budget-friendly options as possible, like the hostel I’m staying in for all four nights and the Copenhagen Card that will save me museum and attraction entry fees and include discounts at restaurants.  With all the outdoors adventuring I plan to do in Iceland, I will be looking forward to enjoying the café life in Copenhagen and seeking out that famous Danish Hygge*.  Here is the breakdown of my plans in Denmark:

What I want to see and do:

  • Canal Boat Tour
  • Tivoli Gardens
  • Freetown Christiania
  • Explore the Neighborhoods, especially Norrebro
  • Take the ferry to Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Royal Library Gardens
  • The Friday Lounge at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

While there are lots of things I want to see and do in Copenhagen, I also want to leave plenty of time to wander and explore this beautiful city.  I don’t want to over-plan beforehand and stress while I’m there, I just want to enjoy Copenhagen and all it has to offer.

Trip Planning: Copenhagen, RebeccaWanderlusting
Photo via VisitCopenhagen

Where I want to eat:

  • Copenhagen Street Food Market and Torvhallerne Market
  • Atelier September
  • Madklubben (tasting menu!)
  • Mother (for their rumored to be amazing pizzas)
  • Any where I can get an open faced sandwich on rye and a Danish pastry
Trip Planning Copenhagen, RebeccaWanderlusting
Photo via VisitCopenhagen


If you have any tips for trips to Copenhagen, please share them in the comments!

**Hygge is the Danish word for enjoying all of life’s little pleasures; a term I fully plan on embodying while I’m there.

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