Trip Planning: Milwaukee, WI

A couple of weeks after I return from my trip to Europe (which I am currently enjoying – Hello from Copenhagen!), Mike is taking me on a little weekend getaway to Milwaukee, WI.  While I have been to this city a few times, mostly for concerts, this will be my first time staying overnight there.  Funnily enough, the original reason we were going to Milwaukee in the first place is because we have tickets to a Thrice (one of Mike’s favorite bands) show at the Rave/Eagle’s Club (the last time I was at this venue was to see All American Rejects when I was 15 and in love with Tyson Ritter).  Because I am going solo to Europe, we thought it might be nice to have a little romantic weekend away together once I came home, so we made a trip out of it.  Milwaukee is only an hour and a half drive from Chicago, which makes it a perfect destination for a quick vacation.  It will be very nice to get a little time to ourselves while exploring a new city together.  Here is the breakdown of our trip planning Milwaukee, WI:

Trip Planning Milwaukee, Visit Milwaukee
Photo Via Visit Milwaukee

Where we will be staying:

  • The Hilton Milwaukee City Center*

*Mike picked this swanky hotel and surprised me with the reservation.  I think he did pretty good!

What we will do:

  • The Lakefront Brewery Tour (which came highly recommended by almost everyone I talk to about Milwaukee)
  • The Public Market
  • Cactus Club for cocktails and live music
  • North Point Lighthouse
  • Wisconsin Cheese Mart (my personal version of heaven)
  • Milwaukee Arts Museum
  • Riverview Antique Market

What we will eat:

  • County Clare for brunch
  • Cafe Benelux
  • Leon’s for custard
  • Comet Cafe
  • Kegel’s Inn for Friday Fish Fry


Have you been to Milwaukee?  Please share any Milwaukee, WI travel tips in the comments!

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