Life Happens

You may have noticed how a Trip Planning: Traverse City blog keeps appearing and disappearing on here.  I think I have some explaining to do.

Life Happens, Trip Planning, RebeccaWanderlusting

For a few months now, I was trying to plan a small trip for Mike and I (and our pup) for my birthday this weekend.  I looked into a lot of different destinations, but no matter what I tried to plan, things kept falling through.  Austin sounded great, but soon became too much for our budget, the flights doubled in price when I was looking into going to Boston and waited too long to book, and now this Traverse City trip just didn’t come together.  Life happens, right?

We had been planning up until Monday to drive up to Traverse City tomorrow and stay over for a couple of nights, but due to some unforeseen circumstances we cancelled our reservation.  Despite all my best efforts, I couldn’t make it work out.  It’s unfortunate, but, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining.

Life Happens, Change of Plans, RebeccaWanderlusting

After we had decided the trip wouldn’t work out this time around, we were presented with an exciting opportunity to travel somewhere else instead.  It took some scrambling and last-minute decision making, but we decided to go for it. So now we are heading to Galena, IL tomorrow for a romantic weekend away, just the two of us.

We’ll drop Brody off with his grandparents (Mike’s parents) on the way and scoop him back up on our way back home again.  Of course we will miss our little pup, but I think he would be happier there, frolicking in their yard then cooped up in our hotel room.

Life Happens, Change of Plans, RebeccaWanderlusting

We are so excited to get to explore Galena, especially now, when everything will be decked out for the holidays.  We had passed through Galena on our way to Dubuque last year and I have been playing with the idea of visiting ever since.  Luckily, now, we’re finally getting our chance!

I guess the lesson here is that when life smashes your plans to smithereens, make that shit into lemonade… or something.  Sigh, life happens.

Tell me about life intervening in your travel plans in the comments!

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