Copenhagen Card: Worth It or Not?

On my recent trip to Copenhagen, I decided to invest in the Copenhagen Card, a city pass that included many attractions and museums.  In my original planning for the trip, I thought the card would be an invaluable asset to exploring the city.  Plus, the fact that it might save me some money on this tightly budgeted adventure didn’t hurt!

Copenhagen Card, Copenhagen, Denmark, RebeccaWanderlusting

In addition to covering the entry fee for many museums, tours and palaces, the Copenhagen Card also works as a public transportation pass and includes discounts to restaurants and attractions that aren’t included in the card.  I ordered my city pass through the website, and opted to pick it up from the visitor center once I arrived in the city, saving the $8 shipping fee.

Copenhagen Card, Copenhagen, Denmark, RebeccaWanderlusting

In total, the seventy-two hour Copenhagen Card cost $89, which I thought I would easily earn back, and then some, with all I wanted to accomplish there.  Though I had very high hopes, it turned out to be kind of a daunting task.  I had three full days in the city, and wound up going to 2 museums (one, the Copenhagen Contemporary, was not included in the card), 2 palaces, the Round Tower (I visited twice because it was the best place in the city to see the sunset), Tivoli Gardens (the Copenhagen Card only covered the entry fee, the rides and food inside the park was extra), and going on the canal boat tour.

Copenhagen Card, Copenhagen, Denmark, RebeccaWanderlusting

These attractions, combined with the exploring on foot and enjoying the cafes and architecture, completely filled my time in Copenhagen.  Here is the breakdown of the attractions I entered using my Copenhagen Card for and their actual entry fees:

Total: $93.34

So, was it worth it?  Financially, yes, just barely.  And it was awfully convenient to use the Copenhagen Card to get in everywhere and to get on the public transportation.  Though I could have taken advantage of the public transportation more, I should have taken into consideration how much I would want to walk around.

Copenhagen Card, Copenhagen, Denmark, RebeccaWanderlusting

There were also a couple of attractions that were included that I wish I could have seen, like Frederiksborg Castle, The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and The National Museum.  The truth of it is, I felt like having the Copenhagen Card put a lot of pressure on me to run around and do as much as possible.

Instead of giving into the pressure, I did the opposite, and spent a lot of my time in Copenhagen aimlessly wandering and exploring the beautiful streets and neighborhoods.  The end result was a really great trip, tinged with a small amount of guilt that I didn’t do/see enough.  Overall, Copenhagen was an amazing city to visit, and I’ll just have to see the things I missed the next time around.

Copenhagen Card, Copenhagen, Denmark, RebeccaWanderlusting

Have you had any experiences with city passes like the Copenhagen Card?  Did the end up being useful, or a hindrance? 

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