Top Five Friday #21

Favorite Female Authors

I get inspiration for my writing from a lot of different mediums, especially books and magazines.  I happen to read quite a bit, so a lot of inspiration comes from the books I read on my commute.  I have many favorite authors, but I tend to gravitate towards female writers, as I relate more to their writing style and source matter.  Over the years, I’ve collected a few favorite female authors that I can always go to if I’m in need of a strong female voice for inspiration.  These women have helped me through hard times, got me through some writing block moments, and have inspired me to keep writing and finding my own voice.  I’ve compiled a list of these favorites, along with a book recommendations for each. Enjoy!:

  1. Joan Didion: Ms. Didion is a consistent favorite of mine and I am thoroughly enjoying working my way through her work.  I started with “Play It As It Lays”, a fictional tale of life in L.A., and most recently read “South & West” which was a fantastic account of her time traveling through the Southern United States.  I love the way Joan Didion writes, with such a cool demeanor and descriptive prose.  She will forever be one of my favorite writers and I am looking forward to the documentary that’s being made about her life.
  2. Deborah Copaken Kogan: I first read Deborah Copaken Kogan’s “Shutterbabe” when I was in high school and was instantly obsessed. I have since read this account of her time as a photojournalist through Afghanistan, Russia, Paris and beyond many times.  It’s so inspiring.  I’ve also read her novel “The Red Book” and loved that as well.  It’s an amazing reminder that an author can successfully write fiction and non-fiction, and write them both very well.
  3. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: This feminist genius quickly became one of my favorite authors after I devoured her novel “Americanah” in one week.  Her voice and characters are so strong.  I’ve also read “We Should All Be Feminists”, which is stems from her amazingTED talk, and some of her work for the New Yorker.  Chimamanda is an influential feminist voice, and I look up to her in more ways than one.  I have to say, I can’t wait to read and be inspired by more of her writing.
  4. Patti Smith: Patti Smith is a brilliant story teller and artist and I thoroughly enjoyed reading her accounts of New York living in both “Just Kids” and “M Train”, which I’ve just started.  The way she writes is thoughtful, honest and both ethereal and gritty at the same time.  As a woman and artist, she is an inspiration to those who are trying to find their own way within their mediums.  She is another strong female voice and I’m looking forward to reading more of her work.
  5. Tana French: This amazing Irish writer wrote one of my favorite books “In The Woods“, which is a psychological thriller set in Dublin.  I could not put this book, or its sequel, “The Likeness”, down until they were done.  Ms. French definitely knows how to write a gripping story and I love the depth of her characters.  She has a few more books that I have yet to read but have the seal of approval from one of my other favorite authors, Stephen King, so I am so excited to get a hold of them!

Who are your favorite female authors? Which books inspire you?


**Links are for your convenience, not my profit.**

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