Top Five Friday #22

Favorite Chicago Coffee Shops

Chicago is full of unique and wonderful spots to get your caffeine fix.  Through my nearly ten years of living in this beautiful city, I’ve amassed a list of favorites in most categories and favorite Chicago coffee shops is no exception.  While I’ve never met a coffee shop that I’ve disliked, there are five that stand out to me as the cream of the crop (in my humble opinion),  From their atmosphere, to their pastries and of course their choice of espresso drinks, these delightful cafes are my favorites:

  1. Dollop: This popular Wicker Park cafe is a cheerful place to enjoy a cup of coffee inside their brightly lit interior, or out on their patio.  They have cute floral arrangements and paper and crayons on each table inside.  Dollop is my favorite place to sit outside for breakfast with Michael and Brody.  I’m particularly fond of their iced lattes and almond croissants.Top Five Friday, Favorite Chicago Coffee Shops | Rebeccawanderlusting
  2. Jumping Bean: When I lived in Pilsen, Jumping Bean was my go to for a breakfast on Saturday mornings.  We used to walk over there, even in the dead of winter, to have a cup of coffee and a bagel in their cozy, artsy atmosphere.  I always liked their cinnamon raisin bagels and Mike loved their smoked salmon bagels.  If it wasn’t so far away from our current apartment, we would be there every weekend.
  3. Gaslight Coffee Roasters: This Logan Square gem actually is in our current neighborhood and happens to be directly on our way to the farmer’s market, so we’ve been stopping in every Sunday.  They have a full breakfast menu and delicious coffee, not to mention the cutest interior of any coffee shop I’ve ever seen.  This is the perfect spot to set up camp and read or work for a while.Top Five Friday, Favorite Chicago Coffee Shops | Rebeccawanderlusting
  4. Goddess & The Baker: This coffee/bake shop is my go-to spot for my caffeine fix before work.  It’s in the loop, right near where I get off the blue line to get to the restaurant.  Their coffee is extra delicious and their huge display cases of desserts make for quite the temptation.  They have a few other locations near downtown, so there’s really no excuse not to visit if you’re in the area.
  5. Cafe Integral: Cafe Integral is inside the Freehand Hotel in River North.  The first time I visited this amazing cafe was when Mike and I had a little staycation at the Freehand a couple of years ago.  They are a coffee shop with some class and some fantastic service.  Their coffee is fantastic and their avocado toast is even better.  The lounge area connected to cafe has the comfiest couches and the most chill atmosphere. It’s my favorite place to relax and read.Top Five Friday, Favorite Chicago Coffee Shops | Rebeccawanderlusting

Which are your favorite Chicago coffee shops?  What’s your go to order?

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