Monthly Memo: December

Hello, Hello, Hello!  Happy December and Happy Holidays, everyone!  This holiday season has been particularly crazy for me with all of the holiday parties at work, but I’m so excited to spend Christmas with my family.  I got my gift shopping done super early this year in anticipation of my busy work schedule and I have everything wrapped and ready to go.  I’m planning on heading back home on the 23rd so I can help make Christmas cookies and make a (chocolate peppermint) cheesecake to contribute to our potluck style Christmas Eve party.

Monthly Memo: December | RebeccaWanderlusting

On a less than upbeat note, I have some sad news to share in that Michael and I broke up.  It’s been a not very fun few months and I’m reeling a little bit in trying to figure out what the next few months will look like.  I’m currently looking for a new apartment, a studio, still in Chicago and hopefully still in the same neighborhood.  The silver lining is that I always loved living alone.   I have no doubt that I will feel worse before I feel totally OK again, but I think it’s ultimately for the best.

Unfortunately, with all that’s happening in my personal life lately, I’m feeling a little uninspired to write.  With that being said, I’m going to be taking a short break from the blog to get my stuff together and get motivated again.  I’ll be back at it in the beginning of 2018 with fresh, new content and plenty of new travel plans to share with you all.  I already have a couple of exciting trips planned for the year, and I’m sure I’ll plan some more along the way as well.  As I mentioned in my 27 in 27 recap, I’m headed to Mexico next month, which I am very much looking forward to.  It will be a much needed break from reality and a solid, relaxing vacation.

Thank you for your patience and your continued readership.  I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!

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