Top Five Friday #24

My Favorite Travel Bloggers

When I first started this blog, I looked to other female travel bloggers for inspiration and encouragement.  As they succeeded, I started to form some idea of where I wanted my own blog to go.  Of all the blogs I read for the last couple years, there are a few that stand out to be favorites for their writing style, chosen destinations and photos.  I’ve followed these ladies for a while and will continue to do so as long as they continue adding new content.  So, without further ado and in no particular order, here are my favorite travel bloggers:

  1. The Everywhereist – Geraldine is not only one of my favorite travel bloggers, but also one of my favorite writers.  I started reading her blog a few years ago and just recently read her book as well.  I love the way she picks up on small details of her trips and writes about them as opposed to writing about a destination as a whole.  Her writing makes me laugh out loud in an embarrassing way (especially so when I’m on the subway or at work).
    Post you should read: “Driving the Amalfi Coast Highway”
  2. Be My Travel Muse – This woman is the epitome of solo female travel.  Her adventures are amazing and make me so, so jealous.  I love her confidence and her approach to travel, and her advice is always spot on.  I can only hope that I will have half as many exciting experiences in my lifetime as she has had in her time of travel blogging.  I would count that as a success.
    Post you should read: “This is Why We Travel”
  3. Alex in Wanderland – I love this blog so much.  Her light and fun writing is a joy to read, and I honestly think it saved my sanity when I would read it at my previous job.  It is just such a nice break from reality, and the content is diverse in destinations which provides some great trip planning inspiration.
    Post you should read: “The Maine Thing”
  4. Young Adventuress – This is another blog that I have been reading for quite a long time; actually, it’s probably one of the first travel blogs I had come across.  While I do love Liz’s travel photography and tales of adventure across the globe, some of my favorite posts are her snarky or satirical commentary on the travel industry.  She now resides in New Zealand and has some really great insight on the area.
    Post you should read: “Chasing Elves in Iceland”
  5. This Battered Suitcase – Brenna is a beautiful writer and her content is both personal and travel-oriented.  This Canada native now traverses the globe, indulging in excellent adventures and writing as she goes.  She is so personable and relatable that I always look forward to reading her new posts.  She’s working on a book now and I can NOT wait until it’s finished so I can read that too!
    Post you should read: “Going Back to Copenhagen”

Top Five Friday, Favorite Travel Bloggers | RebeccaWanderlusting

Who are your favorite travel bloggers? I’ll take any and all recommendations for new blogs!

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