Monthly Memo: October

Hello from Toronto!  Actually, by the time this posts, Mike and I will be near Niagara Falls, hopefully on a boat.  I can’t believe this year is almost over, it seems like each month, especially October, is just rushing by.

Monthly Memo: October | RebeccaWanderlusting

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that my friends and I threw a fundraiser at Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits here in Chicago earlier this month.  We screened short films by amazing female directors, had some really delicious food and beer available and held a raffle full of fantastic prizes, all for Planned Parenthood.  I’m happy to report the event went off without a hitch and we raised a large sum that we donated all to this wonderful organization.  If you live in the area, keep a look out for our next events! You can find us on all the normal social media outlets and at our website!
Monthly Memo: October | RebeccaWanderlusting
 That’s one of the reasons the last month or so flew by, it definitely kept us all busy!  I also started an online creative non-fiction writing class through Gotham Writers, which I’m loving.  I shared one of my essays/assignments on the blog last week and will perhaps share more depending on the upcoming assignments.
I’ve been trying to read more non-fiction this year (another one of my goals) and have just finished my thirteenth of the year – “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”.  It’s one of the few self-improvement books I’ve read recently and I have to say, I liked it despite it having some bro rhetoric.  The main thing I took away from it though was that not everything needs to be an ordeal and our energy is so much better spent on things that are worthy.  I’ll share my favorite books of that category in a separate post soon, but I have to say, I’m enjoying reading the different perspective and taking the advice I like and leaving the rest.
Monthly Memo: October | RebeccaWanderlusting
How is your October going? What are you working on, what are you current hobbies?

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